Hidden Startup Secrets of Blinkit (ex-Grofers) | Blinkit Business Model

Jumbotail is a startup that used to supply goods from wholesale shops. Jumbotail was founded by Ashish and Karthik  | Jumbotail Business Model Since the start of the 2020 lockdown, there has been a growth in the online market and the market scenario has changed. Every shop service is now online and Blinkit is one … Read more

Hidden Startup Secrets of Groww | Groww Business Model

Groww is a brokerage firm based in Bangalore that offers online discount brokerage services for a flat fee. || Groww Business Model If you do investing or have a knowledge regarding investment then you be definitely knowing about the Groww platform which is an investment platform and stock broker where you can do your investment … Read more

Hidden Startup Secrets of CRED | CRED Business Model

Hidden Startup Secrets of CRED | CRED Business Model Company Details City: Bengaluru Founders: Kunal Shah Founded: 2018 Industries: Credit Cards, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments, Personal Finance Number of employees: 251-500 Revenue: Rs 88.6 Cr (FY21) Official Website: cred.club CRED Business Model Cred, the company that started in 2018, has been evaluated at more than 40,000, … Read more

What Was The Best Example Of Affiliate Marketing?

It is difficult to identify a single “best” example of affiliate marketing, as success in affiliate marketing depends on a variety of factors such as the products or services being promoted, the target audience, and the marketing strategies being used.  However, There are many examples of affiliates who have been successful in promoting products and … Read more