Jungle Ventures leads a $12 million investment in NirogStreet, an Ayurvedic Medical Startup.

HiNirog HealthTech Pvt Ltd, which operates the healthcare portal NirogStreet, which gives access to Ayurvedic physicians, has raised $12 million, or around 98.4 crore, in a Series B capital raising from early-stage venture firm Jungle Ventures. NirogStreet Ayurvedic Medical Startup Each round also included current investors Spiral Ventures, an ICMG Partners-managed fund, DoorDash’s Gokul Rajaram, and … Read more

Hidden Startup Secrets Of 1mg | 1mg Business Model

Hidden Startup Secrets Of 1mg |  1mg Business Model Friends 1mg is India’s health care company. Which was started in 2015 and its headquarter in Gurgaon. It has received $191.3 Million plus in funding for more than 16 inverters so far. So, in this post I will tell you 1mg HealthTech Startup Secret and along with … Read more