In the year 24 Nykaa will launch its first beauty shop in Dubai

The top online marketplace for beauty products Nykaa, has declared its intention to go worldwide by building its first location in Dubai during the current fiscal year.  With the help of the Apparel Group, Nykaa plans to deliver its famous beauty and personal care (BPC) items to the GCC area as part of its worldwide … Read more

How Swiggy and Gogoro EV Partnership Reshapes Urban Delivery

Revolutionary Gogoro-Swiggy collaboration reshapes Indian urban deliveries, empowering eco-friendly transport. Discover electrified mobility! Gogoro, a prominent global player in battery-swapping ecosystems, dedicated to fostering sustainable mobility solutions has joined hands with Swiggy India’s foremost on-demand convenience delivery platform, in a groundbreaking vehicle partnership. Key Partnership for Electric Transformation “Driving the rapid shift towards electric mobility … Read more

Doorstep New Fuel Delivery Fuelbuddy Plans to Expand Internationally

“FuelBuddy: Revolutionizing Fuel Delivery Globally. Doorstep New Fuel Delivery, Expanding Internationally. Convenience, Innovation and Accessibility in Fuel Industry.” In a world where convenience is paramount, FuelBuddy has emerged as a game-changer in the fuel industry.  This innovative online platform specializes in delivering fuel right to your doorstep, eliminating the need for time-consuming trips to gas … Read more, an AI marketing company, gets $7 million in a seed round.

Discover how Hypergro’s seed funding of ₹7 crore is transforming marketing, slashing acquisition costs and more. In a remarkable feat for the burgeoning martech landscape, Hypergro, a Bengaluru based startup, has successfully raised ₹7 crore (approximately $1 million) in a seed funding round.  The focus of Hypergro operations lies in bolstering brand revenues while efficiently … Read more

Tata 1mg and health financing company Kenko have partnered.

Explore the impactful partnership between Kenko Health and Tata 1mg, shaping universal healthcare. In the heart of New Delhi, emerges Kenko Health, a pioneering health financing startup.  The company has now unveiled a strategic alliance with the esteemed Tata 1mg, a convergence destined to democratize healthcare accessibility across the vast expanse of India.  This momentous … Read more

SEBI’s Crackdown on Promoter Classification in IPOs

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has thrust the spotlight onto a riveting regulatory realm, intensifying its vigilance over the intricate landscape of promoter classification among companies seeking to make their debut on the public stage.  Over the past three months, SEBI’s discerning scrutiny has wielded a transformative influence, compelling no less than … Read more