Another CEO has complimented Elon Musk as the “bravest, most creative guy on the planet.”

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Netflix CO-CEO: Reed Hastings, Applauded Elon Musk. Musk was described as the boldest and most inventive guy on the earth by him.

@elonmusk is the bravest, most creative person on the planet”, says Netflix’s Reed Hastings

— Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) November 30, 2022

Onstage at the New York Times Dealbook conference on Wednesday, Hastings told Andrew Ross Sorkin, “People need to give Twitter owner Musk a break,” since they are “so nitpicky on him.”

Reed Hastings Complimented Elon Musk

Despite his flaws, Hastings believes he is sincere.

“Elon Musk is the most daring and inventive guy on the planet.” What he has accomplished in so many areas is incredible.” “His manner is different, I’m trying to be a steady, respected leader, but he doesn’t care,” he continued. He’s exactly like everyone else out there. “

“How he goes about it is not how I would do it, but it is extremely respectful,” he continued.”

Musk, who also runs Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, replied to Hastings’ video by thanking him for his “nice remarks.”

Elon Musk Twitter Reply

Hastings also touched on other contentious issues. He stated that he had persuaded Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger to run for president. 

He stated that he had persuaded Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger should run for president.  he sayThe  crowd he had no remorse about producing a comedy show starring Dave Chappelle that featured jokes about transgender people, which sparked outrage from LGBTQ activists and workers.

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