10 companies That making significant employment layoffs in 2022

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10 companies That making significant employment layoffs in 2022

As a result of higher interest rates, sluggish customer spending in the United States, and a strong dollar abroad, technology firms are cutting staff and slowing hiring.

According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., a consultancy firm that tracks job cuts announced or confirmed by companies in telecom, electronics, hardware manufacturing, and software development, the tech industry shed 9,587 jobs in October, the maximum monthly total since November 2020.

Recent earnings announcements from Alphabet Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Meta Platforms Inc., Microsoft Corp., and others fell short of predictions, sending shares plummeting and slashing market values by hundreds of billions of dollars. For example, Meta has lost and over 67% of its value this year.


According to sources familiar with the situation, the iPhone manufacturer has suspended hiring for many employees outside of r&d., as part of its aim to decrease spending moving into next year.
The break does not typically disrupt teams working on future products or long-term initiatives, but does effect some corporate activities as well as normal hardware & software engineering responsibilities.
Tech,company,Growwithmarkets,United States,Technology,Alphabet,Apple,Cisco,Amazon,HP,Meta,Peloton,Stripe,Opendoor,Twitter,elon musk twitter,Salesforce,Laid Off,Laid Off Meaning,Markets,


Cisco Systems has begun a reorganization strategy that will effect around 5% of its workers. According to the corporation, it will pay pretax expenses of around $600 million in severance, termination, and other expenditures. 
Employees will be offered the opportunity to shift to other positions inside the firm, according to Chief Financial Officer Scott Herren in an interview.


The e-commerce behemoth intends to lay off around 10,000 workers.
According to Bloomberg News, the layoffs would most likely target Amazon’s devices section, which is responsible again for Echo smart speakers & Alexa digital assistant, in addition to retail divisions as well as human resources.


HP Inc. plans to lose up to 6,000 employees over the next 3 years as demand for personal computers falls. The corporation will cut the real estate footprint in addition to decreasing its personnel by around 10%.


The parent company of Facebook is laying off 11,000 employees, the first significant round of layoffs with in business’s history.
Meta’s stock has plummeted this year, as well as the firm is attempting to cut expenses after consecutive quarters of dismal profits and revenue declines.
The layoffs amount to around 13% of a workforce, but Meta will maintain its hiring freeze until the first quarter.


In October, Peloton Interactive Inc. lay off 500 people worldwide, accounting for around 12% of its staff.
This was the company’s fourth layoff of the year.
Peloton claims that the move, together with other cost-cutting efforts, will help them achieve the break-even threshold on cash flow by end of the fiscal 2023.


Stripe Inc., a leading world’s most valuable businesses, is laying off over 1,000 employees. 
The 14% worker cut will reduce the company’s headcount to about 7,000, which it had in February. Patrick and John Collison, co-founders, informed employees that they needed to cut costs more broadly as the prepare for “leaner times.”


Opendoor Technologies Inc. announced the layoff of around 550 people, or nearly 18% of its workforce.
The firm, which uses a data-driven approach to property flipping called iBuying, is dealing with a sluggish housing market due to increasing borrowing rates.


Twitter’s turmoil is due to its recent takeover and the associated debt rather than economic issues. 
However, the corporation is currently seeing some of the biggest cutbacks among its rivals. Elon Musk, who paid $44 billion for Twitter, fired around 3,700 employees through email. 
Elon Musk also overturned the company’s work-from-anywhere policy, ordering all remaining staff to report to the company’s headquarters.


As demand for its software solutions slows, Salesforce Inc. is focused on profitability. 
In order to boost profitability, the corporation has laid off hundreds of salespeople. Salesforce’s workforce has almost quadrupled since 2017.

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