Hidden Startup Secrets Of Classplus | Classplus Business Model

Hidden Startup Secrets Of Classplus | Classplus Business Model

Hidden Startup Secrets Of Classplus | Classplus Business Model

Ever since a student is in school, his family members put him in a competitive world. We are what we tell our children that if you study well then you will come first. This means that we have been given competitive spirit pulses to children since childhood.
That is why because of all these, the student works very hard. That is why you must have seen around you that children are also taught in school and also taught in tuition.
If you see in today’s date, then children are joining tuition very much. Even near my house there are students who attend tuition on per day 5 classes 

But wait, there is a lot of pressure on the children here, after going through all these tuitions,There is no time, Even children are not able to eat well. And if you also see private tuition, they have a lot of students first.And the second thing is that tuition teachers here cannot give time to all the children well.

I mean you can see this graph below where Rahul is a good student and he is always connected with his teacher.
Hidden Startup Secrets Of Classplus,Classplus Business Model,

And if you look in the other way, Ravi who does not study well in class and is not always connected with the teacher. I think you understand well what i want to say.

Company Details

City: Noida
Founders: Bhaswat Agarwal, Bikash Dash, Mukul Rustagi, Nikhil Goel, Vatsal Rustagi
Founded: 2018
Industries: B2B, E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Mobile Apps, SaaS
Number of employees: 101-250
Revenue: $95.2M (FY22)
Official Website: classplusapp.com
Students today we are going to talk about one such platform. Where this platform helps students and teachers to enhance their performance.

About Classplus

Classplus is an SaaS-Based startup which helps offline Teacher to move online mode of teaching and also provides them better work experience. And this is the specialty of Classplus that you can manage everything here.

Wherever you talk about student performance, managing class attendance, managing payments, this platform allows you everything. And if you are a student too, if you look from the point of view, then here you will find great teachers on this platform.
Hidden Startup Secrets Of Classplus,Classplus Business Model,classplus founder,
ClassPlus Founder

Where you will find even the best teachers from the best of India here.  And you don’t even have to go anywhere.And if you don’t understand anything. so you can talk with 1 to 1 teacher.
Classplus was started in 2018.  And Classplus was created by two friends named Mukul Gustakhi and Bhaswat Aggarwal.
And  of them have engineering graduates.  If we want to know about their startup story, then you can read below.

Startup Story Of Classplus

If we know about their status story, then a few years back both of them studying in a institution to clear JEE Advanced therefore both of them studying in a institution.
Then the institution where both of them used to take coaching, the institution which was closed 10 months before JEE Exam. Know the reason for the closure of For Institution.  Huh the institution was not able to manage the data of all the children, that’s why that institution got closed.
At the same time an idea came to the mind of both of them.  And both of them committed that they will make the Indian education system better. After this, when both of them cleared their engineering, then both of them started their startup Classplus In 2018.
Here we have come to know about the startup story of Classplus, now here we will know what is its business model.

Classplus Official Website

Hidden Startup Secrets Of Classplus,Classplus Business Model,

Official Website Of Classplus

Classplus Social Media Account

Hidden Startup Secrets Of Classplus,Classplus Business Model,classplus facebook,
Classplus Facebook Account

Hidden Startup Secrets Of Classplus,Classplus Business Model,classplus instagram,
Classplus Instagram Account

Hidden Startup Secrets Of Classplus,Classplus Business Model,classplus youtube,
Classplus Youtube Channel

Business Model Of Classplus

If you look at the business model of Classplus, then all the offline tutors are there in the local area. Helps all of them to get their Institution online. From the time of all these, offline classes now shift to online.  And this also increases the online presence of Tuition.
If you take your coaching center online. What will happen that your reared will increase.
And if you are a very good teacher. So you will be able to teach in India as well as you will be able to teach globally. So if you look at all these factors. So you can understand how classplus changing the Indian education system.
Even now you will see for a few years.Class plus out of India is also becoming very popular. Classplus also provides a platform to the teacher where he/she can track all the data of the students.
They get to know everything on their dashboard.  
They also get to know which child is not able to do which number of maths. and which child should improve on which subject, it will also show them on their dashboard.
Now we will know further how classplus earn money

Revenue Model Of Classplus

ClassPlus Work On Subscription Based Model. This Company takes subscription fee for its software/maintenance from teacher.
The software on which the teacher can track the performance of the student. Example:- How much time did a child spend on the platform? And which activity did you do on the platform?  They get all this stuff on their dashboard.
This Platform Basely Charges Rs.15000 To Rs.60000 Per Annum. So friend this was the revenue model of the company. Now we will know further know about the company’s user and growth. If you see in today’s date, classplus has more than one lakh teachers on their platform.And there are so many students around 35 million on their platform.
And it is currently available in more than 2000 cities.And this platform is currently being used more in the city than in both the main tier 2 and tier 3. If we look at the current date, the valuation of Classplus is around $600 million.
And it will be joining the Indian Unicorn 🦄 track very soon. and this platform is the only reason to become so popular on the market in such a short time.
Covid,covid19,modi,modi ji,modi mask,modi covid mask,


Yes friend you must be thinking what did he say this bro.  If you see, whatever startup is becoming popular in today’s date. Around 22 To 50% credit goes to COVID-19.because after pandemic people are get back to online. and online user also increasing day by day.
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Even there are many other EdTech startups like this that have helped children for their studies. In the same day of call, Classplus has launched a platform named ClassPlus Lite. Where teachers teach there students absolutely free. Where you don’t have to take any subscription.
So friend this was the full startup secret of Classplus.  And friend if you liked this content and want to see more such content in future also.
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